The Arabian Horse

The Arabian Horse… one of the world’s oldest breeds and the foundation for most of the world’s light breeds today. The thoroughbred, quarter horse, saddlebred, morgan, welsh pony, trakehner, etc. are all derived from the Arabian breed.Earl Grey

The Arabian horse has larger nostrils than most other breeds to enable intake of large amounts of air when traveling. The large eye, prized among most horse people, is a sign of the Arabians intelligence. The Arabian also carries its tail in a jaunty fashion, almost as if showing off, this is called ‘flagging’. Another feature of the Arabian horse is the prominent dished forehead, making the Arabian one of the most beautiful of the horse breeds.

The word ‘Arabian’ conjures a vision of a beautiful horse, it’s neck arched, and it’s tail flowing, galloping across the deserts of the middle east, carrying it’s Bedouin master…, but what you may not know is that the Arabian horse is today most commonly used for pleasure riding. About 69% of Arabian horse owners use their Arabian horse simply for pleasure riding, 27% are involved in the numerous showing activities that happen during the year. Some Arabians are working horses on ranches, others are found in pony club activities, in hunter or jumper activities, dressage rings, driving events, reining, cutting and more! There is an Arabian horse for any equine activity that you want to do.

Accordingly to a recent survey, about 20% of Arabian owners use their horses for endurance and competitive trail competition, and here the Arabian particularly excels. The Arabian horse originated in the deserts of the Middle East, and was used by the Bedouin tribes for their ability to travel vast distances without tiring, and these traits continue in the Arabian horse today.

There is something special about an Arabian horse, and Arabian horse owners will tell you that once you ‘connect’ with an Arabian, you will have entered into a partnership for life with the Arabian breed. The Arabian horse makes a true companion. It is this ability to ‘connect’ with their owners and riders that endears the Arabian to their owners… For it is true…you don’t just own an Arabian, you experience it!